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Reducing Parking Ticket Prices

We the undersigned petition the council to reduce the prices of parking tickets in our council. We petition the council to move from band A to band B, which would bring a normal parking ticket from 130 pounds to 70 pounds.

The council is here to serve its residents, and one way it can do that is by making sure we have reasonable parking rules that are followed by everyone. Therefore, having fines is an important tool. However, we all make mistakes sometimes. You park thinking something will take 40min, you pay for 1h but it takes 1h15min. You get back to your car and there is a ticket.
Or you park somewhere on Sunday on a paybyphone only bay, when it's free, but forget that on Monday you don't have to go to work as early because you have a doctor’s appointment beforehand. When you get to your car around 09:30 there is a ticket.

Everyone makes mistakes. But I believe it's unreasonable that Haringey charges its citizens 130 pounds for mistakes that can happen to anyone. Even the discounted rate of 65 pounds is extremely high. Several other councils will have a discounted rate of 30 or 35.

We need to understand that people are struggling out there. Rent is crazy and overall costs to live in London are very expensive. When you have expensive parking tickets like those, you are mainly punishing the poor. 65 pounds is a FULL DAY of work of someone who makes minimum wage. It’s 70% to 75% of a day's work of a teacher. For the rich, on the other hand, it’s nothing. It's less than 15% of a day's work for someone who makes 100k+. But for the poor, it's a lot.

Do we think it's fair and morally correct to say ''Alright, you made a mistake when parking, now we will take 70% of one day that you worked to provide for your family?''

It’s just unfair with us.

The argument that if the fines are not high enough, people will intentionally commit parking infractions does not make any sense. No one would intentionally park illegally and pay 70 pounds for it. That could only potentially be true for premier league football games and big events at Finsbury Park, for example. For that, the council could keep higher parking fines during event days. But there is not need to punish all other residents during normal days.

This ePetition runs from 22/01/2020 to 30/04/2020.

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