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Committee details

Alexandra Palace and Park Consultative Committee.

Purpose of committee

The Alexandra Palace and Park Consultative Committee provides an opportunity for discussion between the Alexandra Palace and Park  Board and appropriate local/ national organisations on general matters affecting Alexandra Palace and Park.



  • John Wilkinson   
  • Jenny Bourne-Taylor   
  • Hugh Macpherson   
  • David Cole   
  • Chris Roche   
  • Frances Hargrove   
  • Ken Ranson  (Consultative Committee Member) 
  • Mr John Boshier  (Consultative Committee Member) 
  • Prof. Richard Hudson  (Consultative Committee Member) 
  • Gordon Hutchinson  (Chair) 
  • Rachael Macdonald   
  • Colin Marr   
  • Val Paley  (Consultative Committee Member) 
  • John Thompson  (Consultative Committee Member) 
  • Roger Tucker  (Consultative Committee Member) 
  • Nigel Willmott  (Consultative Committee Member) 
  • Councillor Patrick Berryman   
  • Councillor Joanna Christophides   
  • Councillor Tim Gallagher   
  • Councillor Bob Hare   
  • Councillor Liz McShane   
  • Councillor Anne Stennett   
  • Dermot Barnes   

Contact information

Support officer: Philip Slawther, Principal Committee Co-ordinator.

Postal address:
5th Floor,
River Park House,
225, High Road,
Wood Green,
N22 8HQ

Phone: 0208 489 2957