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Venue: Tottenham Town Hall Moselle Rooms Town Hall Approach Rd, Tottenham, London N15 4RY

Contact: Ayshe Simsek, Acting Democratic Services and Scrutiny Manager 


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Please note this meeting may be filmed or recorded by the Council for live or subsequent broadcast via the Council’s internet site or by anyone attending the meeting using any communication method.  Although we ask members of the public recording, filming or reporting on the meeting not to include the public seating areas, members of the public attending the meeting should be aware that we cannot guarantee that they will not be filmed or recorded by others attending the meeting.  Members of the public participating in the meeting (e.g. making deputations, asking questions, making oral protests) should be aware that they are likely to be filmed, recorded or reported on.  By entering the meeting room and using the public seating area, you are consenting to being filmed and to the possible use of those images and sound recordings.


The Chair of the meeting has the discretion to terminate or suspend filming or recording, if in his or her opinion continuation of the filming, recording or reporting would disrupt or prejudice the proceedings, infringe the rights of any individual, or may lead to the breach of a legal obligation by the Council.

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To receive apologies for absence

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To ask the Mayor to consider the admission of any late items of business in accordance with Section 100B of the Local Government Act 1972

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Declarations of Interest

A member with a disclosable pecuniary interest or a prejudicial interest in a matter who attends a meeting of the authority at which the matter is considered:


(i) must disclose the interest at the start of the meeting or when the interest becomes apparent, and

(ii) may not participate in any discussion or vote on the matter and must withdraw from the meeting room.


A member who discloses at a meeting a disclosable pecuniary interest which is not registered in the Register of Members’ Interests or the subject of a pending notification must notify the Monitoring Officer of the interest within 28 days of the disclosure.


Disclosable pecuniary interests, personal interests and prejudicial interests are defined at Paragraphs 5-7 and Appendix A of the Members’ Code of Conduct


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To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 24 of February 2020 pdf icon PDF 155 KB

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To receive such communications as the Mayor may lay before the Council

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To receive the report of the Chief Executive pdf icon PDF 109 KB

Council Committee Calendar 2020/21

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To receive the report of the Monitoring Officer and Head of Legal Services

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9th Annual Carbon Report (2019) pdf icon PDF 153 KB

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To consider requests to receive Deputations and/or Petitions and, if approved, to receive them

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To receive reports from the following bodies pdf icon PDF 123 KB

a)    Standards Committee

b)    Staffing and Remuneration Committee

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To answer questions, if any, in accordance with Council Rules of Procedure Nos. 9 & 10 pdf icon PDF 552 KB

1. From Cllr Dixon to Cllr  M Blake

How many anti-LGBT+ hate crimes have occurred in the borough in the past 12 months and what percentage have led to the offenders being convicted?

2. From Cllr Stennett to Cllr Ejiofor

What conversations are you having with Leaders of the Local Government Association and London Councils to ensure a united approach to challenge the government’s current proposals for the future funding of local Councils.

3. From Cllr Ogiehor to Cllr James

Please can you provide an update on the progress of developing a Welcome Strategy for Haringey

4. From Cllr Tabois to Cllr Chandwani

Accessibility, mobility and inclusion are just three of the key challenges that the Council needs to address to make our borough a safer, friendlier and more accessible place for our mobility impaired residents to travel around. How does she feel the Council is doing?

5. From Cllr Palmer to Cllr Ejiofor

Does the Leader share my disappointment that the Mayor of London is refusing to meet with traders at Wards Corner?

6. From Cllr Moyeed to Cllr M Blake

 How are we ensuring that stop and search is being used effectively and fairly in our borough?



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To consider the following Motions in accordance with Council Rules of Procedure No. 13



Motion E


Proposed by Cllr Joseph Ejiofor

Seconded by Cllr Zena Brabazon


Fair Funding

Haringey, like most urban boroughs in the UK, has suffered from the past 10 years of Tory Austerity.

Haringey Council’s experienced a reduction to our resources of nearly 59% over the last decade, while shire areas have seen reductions averaging 13%.


Over the same period, Haringey’s population grew by 12% (compared to just 7% across shire areas), 33% of Haringey residents live in relative poverty after housing costs and 12.6% of Haringey residents live in fuel poverty – which is the fourth highest in London.


The Government’s review of relative needs and resources, previously referred to as the “Fair Funding Review”, has been underway since 2016. It will establish new baseline funding levels for local authorities from April 2021 for the next few years.

This Council calls upon Boris Johnson’s Government to put the “Fair” into the “Fair Funding Review”.

We believe that the funding of local government, and with it the delivery of multiple services that our residents depend upon, should firstly be dictated by need.


This Council believes that:


  • population growth should be reflected through the use projections that reflect London’s faster rate of population growth than other areas;
  • deprivation should be accurately reflected in the new formula including the higher cost of housing in London; and
  • the area cost adjustment should continue to reflect London’s unique property and labour markets and the impact these have on costs for London boroughs
  • no council should be worse off as a result of the review – there should not be a transfer of resources from urban areas to the shires.


This Council resolves to:


  • Work with like-minded authorities, London Councils, and the Local Government Association to secure a funding settlement for Local Government that truly addresses the pressures that Councils have been under these past 10 years
  • Engage with Members of Parliament with whom we are associated to ensure that the Chancellor understands that “levelling up” means that resources should be distributed according to need.
  • Support a broader local campaign that ensures that the specific local challenges that Haringey faces can be addressed by fair funding from national government





Motion F

Proposed  by Cllr Rossetti

Seconded by  Cllr Ogiehor



Declaring a moratorium on live facial recognition surveillance


This Council notes:

  1. That Haringey Council currently operates 75 CCTV cameras and this number is estimated to rise to 150 in the near future
  2. The Biometrics and Forensics Ethics Group defines Live Facial Recognition as “the automated one-to-many ‘matching’ of near real-time video images of individuals with a curated ‘watchlist’ of facial images.”
  3. That the use of live facial recognition surveillance in public places by both public and private sectors is expanding
  4. That for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 taking a photo of someone’s face and processing their facial biometrics constitutes sensitive personal data
  5. That privacy is a human right and is protected as such under the  ...  view the full agenda text for item 14.

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